Raja Meat Healthy Choice is the only Australian butcher shop in Indonesia. It is located in Bali, Indonesia and is Australian owned and run. We supply direct to the public & hotels & restaurants & ships & cruise boats. We use no preservatives or MSG. All products are fat free. All our sausage skins are imported from Australia, as are the flavours.

Sold to you portion controlled and vacuum packed and frozen. Plus we also carry all popular grocery products. We never say no, we always have a complete stock of local and imported meats, turkeys and ducks. We are the same price or cheaper than all other retailers of meats & chicken & fish.
We carry a full range of imported lamb, legs, shoulders, racks, chops or complete body suitable for spit roast all imported from Australia or New Zealand.


Mince Meats

Local Beef

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Fish & Seafood

Full Range of Pies